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Tendelin Network

Procure and enlist quality-vetted IT consultancy companies from all over the world as easily and safely as if they were in Sweden.

The Tendelin Network gives you a starting point for a successful procurement, providing a pool of companies you can trust, operating on terms you are familiar with, regardless of their location.

What's the advantage of the Tendelin Network?



To get admitted to the Tendelin Network a company needs to pass a thorough vetting process, ensuring that only vendors with the highest quality and integrity standards are able to join.



All network companies operate under the same standard procurement terms, sparing you from legal discussions when comparing vendors and avoiding unpleasant surprises during contract signing.



Regardless of which vendor company from which country you choose, your business relationship will always be governed by a standard Swedish agreement, you will be paying through a regular Swedish invoice on regular Swedish payment terms.

What are the requirements for joining the Tendelin Network?

In order to get admitted to the Tendelin Network, the vendor company must comply with the following criteria:


Be a registered company providing custom IT development and adjacent services. We do not work with freelancers or agencies.


Maintain verifiable high levels of professionalism, understanding of industry standards, commitment to quality and business ethics.​


Provide verifiable references from professional clients certifying the vendor’s commitment to quality and high business standards.


Commit to Tendelin’s unified terms of business conduct, delivery and payment model in accordance with local market standards.


Acquire Tendelin Network certification by successfully passing Tendelin’s vendor quality vetting process.

Want to join Tendelin Network?

Does your company offer professional IT consultancy services and wants be part of an exclusive network of high quality vendors operating on the Swedish market?

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