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Tendelin BPO

Cost-efficient business process outsourcing


Leave your routine work to us, so that you and your team can focus on what you do best!

We help companies systematise, automate and delegate repetitive business processes to our efficiency superheroes.

Do any of these sound like your organisation?


You or your employees spend too much time on routine tasks you/they really are overqualified for.


You would like to delegate simple tasks to someone, but everyone's got their hands full and there's no budget for hiring more people.


There's a never-ending queue of catalogue items, product cards, texts, images and prices that need to be added or updated.


Your salespeople spend too much time on prospecting and CRM management and too little time on closing deals.


The latest post on your company's Facebook page is over a month old.


If so - then you've come to the right place!


Tendelin BPO helps you and your organisation free up time for growth by breaking out, systematising and taking over recurring and routine tasks.


With the help of custom algorithms and specially trained staff in low-cost countries, we are able to offer very cost-efficient and secure handling of a variety of business processes.


Here's what you can outsource

Data entry

Input and updates of text and data in various systems, catalogues, tables, websites and databases, such as product information, orders, accounting records, standard reports, archive materials and more.


Generation of regular standard reports by aggregating data from multiple sources, customised for your company's specific needs and format.


Screening of user generated content, filtering of incoming correspondence, comment and message board moderation.


Building and updating lists of potential customer prospects, importing them directly into your CRM system for further handling.

Social media management

Management and regular updates of your company's social feeds on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social channels.

Administrative tasks

Custom management of your company's unique administrative workflows, combining document handling, data entry, filtering, archiving and other procedures that need combining.

How does it work?

1 Process analysis


We begin by assessing the customer need and the processes that need to be outsourced. We then propose a suitable solution and make a cost estimate.

2 Algorithm setup


We develop an algorithm for delivery (for example, how and in which format entered data should be stored/exported), set up systems and, if necessary, a custom user interface. 

3 Staffing


We assign and train fitting administrators for the process. If needed, new people are hired specifically for the assignment, in close cooperation with the customer.

4 Delivery


Once the algorithm and the administrators are in place, they take over the process. Administrators report directly to the customer.


As each organisation's processes, systems and procedures are unique, we try to adapt the outsourced services to each customer's individual needs. We therefore apply different pricing models, depending on what provides the greatest value for money:

  • Price per unit: optimal for data entry (for example, a unit cost per entered catalogue item in e-commerce), moderation (cost per screened post) and prospecting (cost per processed prospect. The model's advantage is that you always know what you get for every cent and the cost is proportional to the delivery.

  • Hourly rate: optimal for sporadic tasks and for processes where the workload is limited.

  • Fixed monthly fee: optimal for varying tasks where at least one full-time dedicated asset is required.

The cost may depend on type of competence required from the administrators to be able to handle the process (for example, language skills) and whether necessary systems and tools are already in place or if they need to be developed.

Here are some examples of what is might cost to outsource some specific types of services:

Data entry (40 hours/week)


Input of product cards in an e-commerce CMS system.


per month

Prospecting (40 hours/week)


Search and input of relevant prospect contacts in a CRM system.


per month

Social media posting (2 posts/week)


Updating of your company's Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.


per month

Ready to start outsourcing routine work?

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